Less Carbs

It’s time. The thing I am afraid of the most with regard to my health is becoming diabetic.  I had gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy and they say this gives me a higher chance of getting type 2 diabetes down the road. Seems that’s the way I was headed given the results of some blood tests I had late last year. Cutting out sugar is an obvious first step in helping to prevent that outcome.  However, other carbs break down the same way in the body and illicit the same insulin response. So, as I said, it’s time. I need to reduce the number of carbs I eat in a day without scaring my body into thinking it’s starving – I’m not trying to eat low carb or keto.

Baby Step Three: Limit “empty” calories to one “serving” a day.

What That Means: So many delicious foods are practically devoid of nutrients.  Yummy bagels and breads as well as french fries and potato chips have so little to offer in the way of micro-nutrients for my body (I will not deny that they are very palatable and pleasurable to eat!). My plan is to limit foods made with refined flours, rice, corn, and white potatoes to one serving a day. I am not limiting other whole foods such as fruit, sweet potatoes, plantains – at least not yet. I am also not limiting sprouted bread or properly prepared whole grains at this time as these foods generally do not cause me to overeat.

The other thing that causes me stress is losing my hair.  I thought that once I wasn’t eating sugar that the rate of loss would go down. It hasn’t and I’ve scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist in March to see if we can get to the bottom of it. I have already had my thyroid (TSH) tested and it was well within the normal range. I also do not suspect that I am iron deficient.  Another cause of hair loss that I’ve read about is hormone imbalance, either elevated testosterone or estrogen dominance. Testosterone can be out of whack if my insulin levels are too high, thus the need to cut back on carbs a bit.  Exercise also helps to balance testosterone so I’ll be kicking that up soon once I consistently get my steps at 10,000 per day. In any case, I hope the dermatologist will test these hormones so I can know for sure.

To change the subject a bit, I made my first fruit-sweetened baked good since beginning this journey – gingerbread raisin plantain muffins based on these muffins from The Paleo Mom. I used 4 dates and two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses as the sweetener, added a bunch of spices, and just a few raisins per muffin.  They were not anything like a “regular” muffin which, in my opinion, is really just a cupcake without frosting that we eat for breakfast. However, I enjoyed them and my two-year old told me he really liked it! The bonus was that I ate one and then froze the rest – no craving to eat the whole dozen! Definite win in my book!


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