Day Seven

Well, that was easier than expected.  My Fitbit had reset the date and time so half way through my day it was switching over to the next day and zeroing my steps. Today it was fixed and I got 11,000 steps! Still no sugar either. *TMI ALERT* I have found that I do pretty well during the first half of my cycle with exercise and diet meaning I have more energy to move and less cravings for sweet stuff.  Once the egg drops I am super sleepy and I want to eat all the sugar. I’m a little anxious to see how things go in about a week or so.

Had some pretty good eats today.  Started my day with a Hot Detox Tonic by Oh She Glows and then for breakfast had a banana egg pancake (just eggs and banana blended and cooked in a frying pan) with sauerkraut. Snack was a bagel with cream cheese from a local bakery and iced coffee.  Side note – I have a thing for iced coffee, I really enjoy it. Like, a lot! I do suspect that it makes me dehydrated which makes me eat more since I experience thirst as hunger, sometimes extreme hunger.  *TMI ALERT* When I remember to drink instead I find that I have to evacuate in less than 20 minutes which just makes me more thirsty. Ugh. Anyway, on to lunch – leftover taco meat with mixed greens and guacamole and a green smoothie.  Dinner was Kalua Pork (from Nom Nom Paleo) with rainbow carrots (great suggestion from My Bizzy Kitchen) instead of cabbage. Yum!

Coming up next, more protein? Maybe. But I’m also thinking about vitamins, cutting back on carbs, amping up the exercise, or maybe something entirely different – going to sleep on it!


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