Day One

This is it, day one! The beginning of the rest of my life. Corny, no? Today is the first day of everyone’s “rest of their life” but for me, I feel hopeful that I am finally taking control and this endeavor will be a success. In a week’s, month’s, even a year’s time I want to look back here and remember where I was as motivation to keep on going. On to the first step…

Baby Step One: Cut out treats containing refined white/brown sugar.

What That Means: No more traditional desserts (cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.), but also no more pastries for breakfast (donuts, duh!), ‘protein’ bars with sugar for lunch, or chocolate less than 88% (I’m not ready to give it up entirely). As far as beverages go, I already don’t drink soda or juice, but no more sugary coffee (Frappuccino, I will miss you). I’ll continue to drink seltzer and kombucha and green smoothies along with water and almond milk. I’m not going to be super strict and cut out sugar from everything (like ketchup or barbecue sauce or bread), at least not yet – this is a baby step after all.

I think that’s enough of a guideline to follow for the time being. Now for the why! In the past my reasons have generally been centered around losing weight as if that would fix everything. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t and in some cases made things worse! This time around I’m focusing less on the cosmetic and more on what matters most to me in life. Some of my reasons:

  • To be there for/keep up with my children (and grandchildren)
  • To have energy at the end of the day to spend time with my husband
  • Build confidence/self-esteem

List of symptoms I’m hoping to improve:

  • Achy/stiff joints
  • No energy
  • Irritability
  • Hair loss, thinning hair
  • Non-existent libido
  • Tired all the time
  • Tinnitus
  • Worsening eyesight
  • Brittle nails
  • Anxiety

Maybe there are more, but this is what jumps to mind. I’m convinced my issues are related to micro-nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalance so I guess those are the ultimate goals – become micro-nutrient sufficient and balance my hormones. Easy peasy. 🙂


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