Number One

Welcome to Ditching Desserts! In this blog I plan to share my endeavors to kick the sugar habit, eat more healthful foods, move more, reduce my stress, and get more sleep. I fully admit that I am not a writer, disliked it strongly in grade school, and avoided it at all costs in college (dropped several classes when I found out you had to write a paper)! And yet, here I am about to spill my life to the world, with words.

A little history… I am forty-something years old, am happily married to my best friend, and have two wonderful boys ages 16 and 2. I have been a yo-yo dieter for longer than I can remember – well, that’s not exactly true, I do remember.  It all started back in high school, the summer after my freshman year.  I had a great job working at a campground and spent almost all of my time outdoors and being active. That was when I went on my first starvation diet, sometimes only eating a snack bag of Doritos all day – now, where are the nutrients in that?!? Not surprisingly, I lost 40 pounds that summer (and was still about 15 pounds overweight according to the charts) and managed to keep it off through high school.  In college I packed on the pounds while school was in session and managed to lose the weight over the summer. Once I started working I discovered so many great restaurants, grocery stores, even little food carts and so I ballooned back up, I couldn’t even manage to lose weight for my wedding. But then I wanted a baby so I went on WW and lost about 20 pounds before becoming pregnant. Since then the yo-yo has been going up and down a bit faster.  I found clean eating about five years ago and thought it was amazing – I was losing weight at such a quick pace and exercising my little heart out. I realize now what a number I was doing to my body, my metabolism plummeted and I was freezing all of the time.  I actually didn’t feel hungry on only 1200 calories a day despite exercising intensely for an hour plus and being sure to get in my 10,000 steps. Then I magically got pregnant again and have been back to dieting since my second son was born. Sounds like fun, no?

Back to the present… I have recently tried a couple of no-sugar challenges.  While I am doing them I feel great – lots of energy and NO cravings, but I have a tendency to eat too few carbs and eventually my body takes over and I eat all the things. My sleep also suffers during these challenges and I am one who needs at least eight hours a night to be at my best. So I need a new approach.

That leads me to today, or maybe tomorrow… I am planning to take baby-steps. First order of business is cutting out my beloved desserts (maybe this is a giant leap?). I had actually planned to start January 4th, but as the idea is to part ways for good, I am having a hard time saying goodbye. Next post will be when I officially begin!


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